Wednesday, August 28, 2013

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Taking Ownership In Windows 7:(Especially For System Files)
Just An Example With A 3rd party software.
Step 1:-Just Open Cmd As A administrator
Step 2:-Change The Path To The File To Which We Need To Be A Owner.(Using cd Path Address).
Step 3:-Then Write takeown /f  filename.exe
Step 4:-A Success Message Will Be Displayed.
Step 4:-To Gain A Full Ownership(With Deletion Permission For System Files)There Are Two Ways:
You May Use Any One
1)Type cacls filename.exe /g administrator:f
2)Type icacls filename.exe /grant administrator:F /t
Now You Just Just Owned The Ownership.
Easy Method:-
Not Got What I Said Then Just Download The File Below And Double Click Installtakeownership.reg.Thats All.
Right Click On The File you want to take ownership And You Can See Take Ownership Option On Submenu displayed.

Dont Forgot To Thank The Unknown Man Who Created This Registry Hack.
Add Take Ownership Option.



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