Thursday, November 14, 2013

Increase Your Computer Speed With Pendrive..

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Does low memory in RAM decreases your PC speed here is the way to overcome it(ONLY APPLICABLE FOR RAM SIZE LESS THAN 4GB).
Windows 7 introduces a  technique called ReadyBoost,applying Superfetch to the Pendrive.
Superfetch:-Usually Computer takes less time to run application from an memory instead of disks,soRAM is used as cache for frequently accessed application.Since our RAM size is small we can apply the same SUPERFETCH concept to our pendrive to store the frequent access applications.
At First You Must Increase Your Pendrive's Speed By Following these Steps
Step 1:-Right Click Your Pendrive And Move To  Properties,then select HARDWARE tab in properties dialog box and click Properties.

Then Select Policies tab and check the BETTER PERFORMANCE option and click OK
[NOTE:Use Safe remove in system tray or eject option to safe remove the pendrive.]
Then now click ReadyBoost tab and check use this device option and set the size recommended by the windows and Click OK.

Thats the end and you can notify some upgrade in the performance of your pc.



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