Sunday, June 14, 2015

FLASHVPN-Unlimited VPN for android devices

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What is VPN ?
                          To know about VPN,you should know about networks-two or more computer connected to each other via any physical medium like router.VPN-Virtual Private Network,the computers are connected via the Internet. That's the "virtual" part - there's no physical gear that you control linking the computers but the software running between the computers that are connected make it seem that the computers are connected to each other with a physical cable.
                          VPN is created by establishing a virtual point to point connection through the use of dedicated connections,virtual tunneling point or traffic encryption.

Why VPN ?

  • It is used to fake location by most of rooted android users. Like, say I can browse from USA remaining in India.
  • Visit BLOCKED SITES.Even those are blocked by your higher authority(especially useful for men/women above 18 years..).
  • Browse anonymously so you cant be noticed.
How do I get it?

               There are lot of VPN apps for android  but I  prefer you to choose FLASHVPN:

A small key on the top indicates that our connection was secured by FLASHVPN

If you have any troubles after installing FlashVPN just reboot your android mobile.

(FLASHVPN supports only  on android v4.0+)



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